1. These Terms and Conditions apply upon registration as well as each time you use the Visa Direct Service.

  2. In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the meanings set out below:

    "Recipient" means the holder of the Recipient Visa Card.

    "Recipient Visa Card" refers to the Visa Card to which funds are transferred using the Visa Direct Service.

    "Us/we/our" means The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its affiliates.

    "Visa Card" means an eligible personal credit, debit or prepaid card bearing the name Visa and/or the service mark of Visa.

    "Visa Direct Service or Service" means the money transfer service operated through the Visa system and made available to you by us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

    "You" means the individual using the Visa Direct Service.

  3. You may, from time to time, use the Service to transfer funds from your eligible personal chequing or savings account to a Visa Card issued worldwide. You agree that you will not use the Service in any manner that conflicts with these Terms and Conditions or for any illegal or improper purpose. You acknowledge that not all Visa-branded debit, credit or prepaid cards are eligible to receive funds through the use of the Service. In addition, you agree that we reserve the right at any time to block or reject transfers requested by you that would or may infringe on applicable legal or regulatory requirements in Canada, in the country of the Recipient's financial institution or elsewhere.

  4. The minimum transfer amount per transaction is $10.00 CDN (or equivalent). The maximum transfer amount per transaction is $2,500.00 CDN (or equivalent) for transfers from eligible Canadian dollar accounts and $2,500.00 USD (or equivalent) for transfers from eligible U.S. dollar accounts. The maximum transfer amount per day is $2,500.00 CDN (or equivalent). The maximum total amount of transfers sent during a seven day rolling period is $10,000.00 CDN (or equivalent). The maximum total amount of transfers sent during a thirty day rolling period is $25,000.00 CDN (or equivalent). Transfer limits, other than per transaction limits, apply on an aggregate basis and are not per account. We reserve the right to change the frequency and dollar amount of transfers for security or other reasons without notice to you.

  5. We shall process the transfer in accordance with the information and instructions provided by you, to the Recipient Visa Card in the currency of the Recipient Visa Card, at an exchange rate determined by us and disclosed to you before the transfer is processed. Your agreement to proceed with the transfer constitutes your acceptance of the exchange rate disclosed. You acknowledge that the exchange rate used may result in revenue being earned by us on the conversion.

  6. You are responsible for ensuring that the Recipient name, contact information, Visa Card number and the dollar amount of the transfer that you provide to us is correct. You must carefully review the information you have entered prior to completing a funds transfer in order to avoid any error on your part. While we may, at our discretion, obtain certain other details of the Recipient from you, we shall not be liable to verify or authenticate the information obtained from you. We will process the transfer instructions based on the information provided by you. If the information you provide is incorrect, the funds could be transferred to an incorrect Visa Card. In the event you provide erroneous information, we are not responsible for reversing the transaction or recovering the funds transferred as a result of that transaction. We will not be liable for any losses incurred by you as a result of your failure to provide us with correct information about the Recipient, transfer and/or transfer amount.

  7. We are not responsible for the time taken by the Recipient's financial institution to credit the proceeds of the transfer to the Recipient's Visa Card. You acknowledge that the Recipient's financial institution may charge a fee to process the transfer and that this fee may be deducted from the transfer amount, resulting in the Recipient receiving a lesser amount. We are not liable for any fees that may be charged by a Recipient's financial institution.

  8. By providing us with the Recipient Visa Card number and other details about the Recipient, you represent and warrant to us that you have permission to do so from the Recipient. You further agree that we may disclose this information to our suppliers and agents and they and we may use it for the purposes of providing the Service to you.

  9. The information provided will be used in order to complete your transaction and fulfill our regulatory requirements and will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Code which is available at www.td.com. You certify that the individuals whose information is being disclosed in order to complete the transfer are aware of the purpose for which the information is being collected, used and disclosed by us and have consented to such collection, use and disclosure.

  10. We will charge our current service charges for use by you of the Service and will disclose these to you and the currency in which they will be charged prior to your completion of a transfer. If you do not have enough money in your account to cover the service charges, they may be charged to any other account you have with us or your account may by overdrawn. Our services charges are subject to change from time to time.

  11. We may, at any time, with or without notice to you change the Visa Direct Service and these Terms and Conditions. If we revise these Terms and Conditions, we will post the revised version on our website at www.tdcanadatrust.com. By using the Service after we have changed these Terms and Conditions, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes.

  12. We may terminate this Agreement or suspend or refuse to provide the Visa Direct Service without notice to you. In all cases, you still must fulfill all of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions and you are not relieved of your obligations until all amounts owed to us, including interest, services charges or other costs have been paid in full.

  13. If you have a problem or concern you may call us toll free at 1-866-222-3456, email** us at customer.service@td.com, or visit us at any branch. For a more detailed overview of our complaint process, visit us at www.td.com. If you have a complaint regarding a potential violation of a consumer protection law, a public commitment, or an industry code of conduct, you can contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) in writing at 6th Floor, Enterprise Building, 427 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 1B9. The FCAC can also be contacted by telephone at 1-866-461-3222 (en fran├žais 1-866-461-2232) or through its website at www.fcac-acfc.gc.ca. Please note that the FCAC does not become involved in matters of redress or compensation. For your protection, do not send confidential or personal information (such as your account number) via email, as it is not a secure method of communication. If your request is urgent or requires disclosure of confidential information for resolution, please contact us by phone.

  14. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to and do not replace any other agreement you may have with us.

  15. These Terms and Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province or territory in Canada where you reside or most recently resided and the laws of Canada, as applicable. If you have not resided in Canada, this Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada, as applicable.

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