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Get Organized

Sorting your paperwork — and planning your goals. These are the starting points to managing your finances.

Personal Cash Flow

This handy tool makes tracking cash flow a snap. Simply enter your income and expenses and the calculator crunches the numbers for you!

Whats my case flow
Review your accounts

How to take stock of your situation.

Define your goals

Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there.

Create a budget

A simple approach to tracking down those disappearing dollars.

Manage cash flow

Tips and tools for staying on top of day-to-day finances.

Budgeting made simple

How to create a budget
Where has all the money gone?
EasyWeb Tour

How a budget helps

Partial image of person holding a budget document while using a laptop.

How to create a budget

Creating a budget may be easier than you think. And there’s a huge payoff — the potential to have more cash in hand.

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