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Overdraft Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with overdraft protection

Choose the right option for you:

Monthly Plan


Flat monthly fee

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Pay As You Go


only when you use overdraft

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1 Plus interest on overdrawn amounts

Avoid NSF Fees

Avoid Non-Sufficient Funds
(NSF) penalties

Avoid refused transactions

Avoid the inconvenience of
having a debit transaction

Cover the occasional shortfall

Guaranteed funds up to
your approved overdraft limit2


How it works

With overdraft protection, debit transactions within your approved overdraft limit will be processed and
your overdrawn balance for each transaction will need to be paid within 89 days.

  • Each of your deposits will be immediately and automatically applied against the overdrawn balance until the balance is paid.
  • All overdraft amounts are subject to an interest rate of 21% per annum3.

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1 Plus interest on overdrawn amounts

2 Subject to the terms of your Overdraft Protection Agreement.

3 Overdraft interest rates are subject to change. Overdraft protection is subject to approval and approved limits, as well as interest rates and repayment conditions.