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Cheque Image Return

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A convenient new way to track and store returned paid cheques

If you have a cheque return option on any of your personal banking chequing accounts, you will now receive printed digital images of the fronts of all your cheques. The cheque images are printed eight to a page as part of your monthly statement. This makes record-keeping easier for you and eliminates the need to store cleared cheques.

To ensure information is clearly legible on the image, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Use only blue or black ink when writing cheques.
  2. Cheques in the new format (for example, with date boxes) support the capturing of high-quality cheque images. Note: All cheque ordered through TD Canada Trust or Davis and Henderson since April 2005 have been issued in the new format.
If you are unsure of the format of your cheques, you can review the specifications on the CPA website:

Account Statement

Statement pages, including cheque images, are printed on both sides. The back of your statement pages no longer include an area to reconcile your account.

Other options available:

At your branch – Copies of both sides of your cleared cheques can be obtained at your local branch.1

EasyWeb View Cheque service – You can view your paid cheques on the same day that the item clears with the View Cheque feature available through EasyWeb Internet banking. You can view and print a copy of the front and back details of a cheque that has cleared through your Canadian or U.S. account in the past 90 days.2

Draft Cheque Image

A fee of $1.503 will be charged in the currency of the account for each cheque view except for certain Service Plans. The fee will be debited from your account by the next business day. You may view the same cheque as many times as you wish during your EasyWeb session at no extra cost. See below for some great account features!

Personal Banking

EasyWeb View Cheque Service is free for all personal chequing, savings and US dollar accounts. This Service is also free for all Lines of Credit with "Online Only" recordkeeping.

Small Business Banking

The EasyWeb View Cheque Service is free for all business accounts with the TD Every Day A, B or C Business Plan, with the TD Unlimited Business Plan, or with paperless recordkeeping.

TIP: You can print or save the image of the cheque to avoid the fee that will be charged for viewing the same cheque in a subsequent EasyWeb Session.

For more information on our View Cheque feature, call 1-866-222-3456 any time or contact your branch.