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A loan is a great option when you know exactly how much you want to borrow with a payment frequency that allows you to pay off your debt in a specified period of time.


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We’ll help you create a repayment schedule with a term and amortization period that works for you.

How are people using their loans?

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Benson paid down his debt

Benson has tried his best to keep up with his credit card payments, but keeping track of 3 different balances was overwhelming – sometimes he would even miss a payment. With his TD Personal Loan, Benson paid the outstanding balances of all his credit cards. Now he only has to worry about a single repayment amount to stay on top of his finances, plus he’s able to manage his finances responsibly by choosing not to use his credit cards excessively. His loan reduced his interest costs and at the end of his 5 year term, he will pay it off.

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  Auto Loan On-the-Spot RSP Loan CarryForward RSP Loan Personal Loan
Is this for me? If you need a loan to make a vehicle purchase (new or used) and want fixed payments If you need a loan to take advantage of your unused RSP contribution room.

The maximum amount you can contribute to your RSP or TFSA.

Maximum Principal Amount Depends on the vehicle (new or used) Up to your unused RSP contribution room for that year Up to $50,000 Typically, Up to $50,000
Other Details   Defer payments for up to 120 days (interest continues to accrue)

Must be paid back within the 1-year term
Defer payments for up to 120 days(interest continues to accrue)

Must be paid back within the 1-10 year term choice
Fees A security registration fee (amount depends on province) No fee No fee No fee

Other things to consider

In the case of the unexpected, get flexible protection for your loan obligations.

Cover occasional shortfalls in your chequing account, up to your approved overdraft limit1

When the amount in your account is less than the amount you need.

When you make a transaction that is greater than the amount in your chequing account

Learn how to take control of your debt so you can achieve your financial goals.

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Loans are available with a variety of terms. The term is the length of your current loan agreement. Typically, terms range from 1 to 5 years.
When a term ends, any balance you still owe can be repaid in full, or you may be offered a renewal term at current interest rate.


Amortization period is the length of time it takes to pay your loan in full, assuming the same interest rate and payment amount throughout.
Shortening your amortization period can help you reduce interest cost over the period but it will also increase your payments.