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TD Business Planner

How to Apply

Your Independent Business Planning Guide

Welcome to TD Business Planner, a new and comprehensive financial planning guide for your company. TD Business Planner is easy to use, and can help you manage your business smarter by organizing your business finances better - all in one convenient document. It will also help TD do a better job of assessing your borrowing requirements - a definite benefit for you. So take the time to complete TD Business Planner fully and accurately, and return the 'Bank copy' to your nearest TD branch. After we have had a chance to review your TD Business Planner carefully, we will arrange to meet with you and discuss your business and financial objectives.

Why Plan?

Experience teaches that successful independent businesses plan carefully for their future. The best place to start is by considering your business objectives, and your competitive strengths and weaknesses. Then you should determine how best to fund your future growth. If you are just starting out in business for yourself - or if you have been self-employed for some time - TD Business Planner will help improve your financial planning skills and increase your chances of success for credit approval now and in the future.

Why TD?

TD is Canada's business bank. We understand the needs of independent business people because our Account managers and branch personnel have helped thousands of Canadian companies develop and prosper. At TD, we are committed to your business success, and can offer you the financial services you need to make your company grow. So help yourself by helping us. Let's start building a TD Business Banking relationship together today.

TD Business Planner software is provided to you free of charge and was virus-free at the point of production. The Toronto-Dominion Bank is not liable for any claims, losses or damages arising out of the use of this software application.

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Business Overdraft Protection

Helps protect your Business Chequing Account against temporary cashflow shortfalls up to your approved limit.
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