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Investing Basics

Investment Options

Image of couple in home office Investing 101

You've identified your financial goals and have set approximate time lines. Now you're ready to take action by investing in yourself.

Before you develop an investment plan, it is important to first understand and feel comfortable with your investment options. Get started by selecting some of the topics below.

GICs and Term Deposits

Have you almost accomplished your savings goal; or do you want to park some money in a safe investment for a rainy day? GICs and term deposits may be a good option for you.

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Fixed Income Investments

Fixed income investments are an essential building block of a diversified portfolio. This type of investment offers you both safety of principal and the potential for a higher rate of return.

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Mutual Funds

There's a plethora of mutual funds available to you ... but the choice and different terms used may sound confusing.

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Is your savings goal 5+ years away? Would you consider the potential for higher rates of return in the long run, but be aware there could be some risks. Stocks, also known as equities, may be one type of investment for you.

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Are you an experienced investor looking for more sophisticated investment strategies. Consider the world of options.

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