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Becoming a Couple

Start building your financial future

Figuring out your financial future is a different process for every couple. After you’ve both had a chance to fill out the TD Personal Cash Flow Calculator (opens new window) you can start building a budget that makes sense with the TD Budget Template.


TD Budget Template

Taking control of your money will help you build a budget that works for you.

In the majority of cases, married and common-law couples will pay lower taxes by filing a joint return. For more information, visit (opens new window)

One married and common-law partner can contribute to an RSP in the name of the other – referred to as a “spousal” RSP. Learn more about TD RSPs


Pay Yourself First

Make saving for your future, or even a rainy day, one of life’s routines.

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Personal Banking Accounts

Discover the benefits of Personal Banking Accounts.

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See how couples might approach their finances.

Dating and living together

Matteo makes $52,000

James makes $48,000


Their Budget

They chose to share an account. Since their incomes are about the same, they split their expenses 50/50.

Please note that the examples are for illustration purposes only.

See how couples might approah their finances.


Peter makes $35,000
Natalie makes $40,000


Their Budget

They pool all the money and expenses together. They set aside “fun money” for their individual spending.

Please note that the examples are for illustration purposes only.