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Chip & PIN Technology

Protect your Credit Card from fraud. Your Credit Card carries the technology to help prevent its unauthorized use.

Protect your Credit Card from fraud

Your Credit Card carries the technology to help prevent its unauthorized use.

Your TD Credit Card with Chip & PIN technology provides an added level of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Here are features of your Credit Card:

  • Embedded microchip: Chip Cards have an embedded microchip that stores information in a secure, encrypted format.
  • Extra protection: The microchip makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access the information on the Card.
  • PIN required: The chip in the Card requires you to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you make a Credit Card transaction at stores with chip & PIN-enabled terminals.
  • In the U.S.: U.S. merchants continue to upgrade to chip & PIN-enabled terminals. However, during this time of transition, when you are at a merchant in the U.S. where PINs are not yet accepted, you will still be able to use your new chip & PIN Card, but you will be asked to sign your receipt.

How to Use Chip & PIN

Chip & PIN technology is already in use worldwide and has been proven to help reduce fraud.

If you are making a purchase at a store without a chip-enabled terminal, you can still make purchases with your TD Credit Card. In addition to a chip, it will also have a magnetic stripe. So if you are in a store that doesn't have a chip terminal, you can make transactions as you do now, by signing a receipt.

Your TD Credit Card will also work outside Canada. You will be asked to sign a receipt in countries that do not have chip-enabled terminals. In countries with chip-enabled terminals, you will be asked to key in your PIN.

Only you should know your PIN. If a merchant asks you for your PIN do not provide it to them.

Authorized Users

Authorized Users on your TD Credit Card Account will receive their own TD Credit Card number with Chip & PIN technology and they will have their own unique PINs.

Statements will show transactions broken out by which Card (yours or an Authorized User Card) performed the transaction.

Changing your PIN

Select a PIN that's easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

If you want to change your PIN, simply:

  1. Insert your TD Credit Card into any Green Machine ATM;
  2. Select your current PIN;
  3. Enter Change PIN from the main menu and follow the prompts.
  4. Or simply take your TD Credit Card to any TD Canada Trust branch and ask a Customer Service Representative to help you assign a new PIN to your Card.

TD U.S. Dollar Visa* Cardholders only

Your PIN for your TD U.S. Dollar Visa Credit Card can only be changed/reset by calling our automated phone line (IVR). You cannot change/reset your PIN at a TD Canada Trust Branch or TD Canada Trust Green Machine (ATM).

  1. Simply give us a call at 1-800-983-8472
  2. Select PIN Management options from the main menu
  3. Request to Change your PIN or to Hear your assigned PIN over the phone



7:00am - 12:00 EDT

Or outside Canada & U.S. call collect 416-307-7722

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