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What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a customer asks their credit card issuer to reverse a transaction after it’s been completed. This can be due to a processing error, a customer satisfaction issue or an unauthorized transaction.

Why do chargebacks happen?

The three most common reasons a customer may claim a chargeback are:

The customer did not receive their purchase.

The purchased item wasn’t available when the customer arrived to claim it or it was sent by mail or courier and had not yet arrived at the time the chargeback was requested.

The customer was unsatisfied.

The product or service purchased did not meet their expectations or was damaged.

The customer didn't recall making the transaction or was a victim of an unauthorized transaction.

They may have forgotten that they made the purchase in question or they may not recognize the name or location of the retailer on their credit card statement.

What happens if you receive a chargeback?

Expand Our team of dedicated Chargeback Specialists will help you work through the issue until it's resolved.

We will automatically debit the full amount of the claim from your account and then notify you of this dispute. Fees may apply.
If you wish to counter the chargeback you will have 15 days (in accordance with industry standards) to scan and send supporting documents (see below) to us at

What supporting documents do I need to provide?
You’ll need to provide proof that an authorized sale took place, for example, a copy of a sales receipt or a signed delivery slip or pick up form, pictures, emails or text messages that prove a link between your business and the customer. If you provided a service, you’ll need to provide a signed contract.

We’ll present your documentation to the payment card network for a decision:

  • If the documentation is accepted and the payment card network decides to reverse the chargeback we will return the full amount to you. This can take up to 5 days.
  • If a decision is made in the customer’s favour, you can take the case to arbitration for a final resolution by taking the following step:

    Send us a written request of intent to continue to arbitration. We will forward your letter of intent to the payment card network (PCN) and wait for a decision. Once this letter is filed you do not need to take any further action. Please be aware that this process can take several weeks and if the ruling is not in your favour fees may be applied.

Expand Tips to help avoid chargebacks.

  1. Ensure that your customers are encouraged and able to reach you easily to resolve any issues with a purchase in lieu of requesting a chargeback.
  2. Use clear descriptors and high resolution images to communicate online product details.
  3. Confirm a customer’s choice as specifically as possible, including variables such as size, colour and style.
  4. As a best practice, obtain authorization for the exact purchase amount before processing a transaction and then process it immediately versus waiting until later or in the case of in-person sale, until after the customer has departed.
  5. Create and post a clear return policy, either within your physical location or at your online site.
  6. Never alter any information on the sales receipt such as the date, amount, or merchant information.
  7. For items that can be damaged in transit, ensure you protect the product in a way that allows for transport before you send it.
  8. Follow best practices whenever you ship products, so you can track shipments right up until they are received.
  9. For recurring payments, keep a file of signed agreements.
  10. For card-not-present transactions, (a sale made when a card is not inserted into the terminal such as over the phone or over the internet) obtain a pre-authorization and verify customer addresses and Card Identification Numbers (CID) to help avoid fraud.
  11. Watch for fraudulent cards or suspicious customers.

Expand Learn about retrieval requests

A retrieval request is a request for a copy of the sales receipt with full details of the transaction. If we ask you for a retrieval request, you will need to provide a legible copy of the receipt. Scan and send the receipt back to the same address on the request with the subject line: "Chargeback <your TD Merchant ID#>"