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Gift Card Program

Are you an Existing Customer?

Drive sales and build customer loyalty

A Gift Card solution gives your business
a great opportunity to boost sales by driving customers into your store, increase loyalty
with existing customers and enhance your overall brand.

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What gift cards can do for your business

Get new customers and sales

  • Using gift cards (for birthdays, Christmas, weddings)
    is more popular than ever before.
  • Studies show that 40% of gift-card holders are first-time
    customers,1 and that they will typically spend 50% more
    than the amount on their card.

Increase brand awareness and build loyalty

  • Promote your business name on the card to new and existing
  • Gift cards customized with your business name or logo are an
    effective way to advertise and leave a lasting impression with

The benefits of a Gift Card program

Enhance your cash flow

  • Since gift cards are purchased prior to customers receiving their goods and services from you, you can re-invest these dollars back into your business.
  • It’s estimated that 40% of gift cardholders leave approximately $2.30 on their card, which is revenue for you!2

Eliminate cashbacks on returns

  • Instead of providing cashback for returns, you can provide your customers gift cards, with the amount of the refund loaded on the card.
  • This will help keep the funds in your business and drives the consumer to come back to your store.

Simplify operations

  • Merchant gift cards are easy for your customers to use and easy for your employees to issue and redeem, because they work similarly to credit cards.