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Foreign Currency Services

Ordering Foreign Currency


Image of a couple taking a photo in front of Big Ben   Td Canada Trust makes it easy to order foreign currency
Order foreign currency now

Whether you need a little or a lot, you have three convenient ways to order the foreign cash you’ll need.

  1. Online
  2. In- branch
  3. By phone

Any way you choose to order your foreign currency, you can debit directly from any of your Canadian funds TD Canada Trust accounts. You choose which branch is most convenient for you to pick up your cash within three to five business days.

Over 60 currencies available – always at competitive exchange rates. And with our even longer hours, it’s that much more convenient for you to pick it up.

We can even buy back any unspent bills when you return home, with cash or deposit the amount directly into your TD Canada Trust account, at the prevailing rate on that day.

Please note: foreign currency cash orders not picked up within four weeks will be exchanged to Canadian dollars at the prevailing rates and the proceeds deposited to your account.

Click here to see a list of foreign currencies available through TD Canada Trust.

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1. Online: Order the cash you’ll need there – right here!

Now it’s even easier to get the foreign currency you need. You can choose from over 60 foreign currencies, all at competitive rates.

Here’s how easy our online ordering form is:

Step 1: Choose the foreign currency you want.
Step 2: Choose the amount you need (in Canadian Dollars or in the foreign currency). We do the conversion, and your quoted exchange rate is valid for 20 minutes, so you’ll know how much you’re ordering in real time.
Then, choose which of your TD Canada Trust accounts you want the amount debited from, which branch you want your cash delivered to, and confirm your email address and telephone number.
Step 3: Confirm all your choices and information, and make any changes, if necessary.
Step 4: Final confirmation of your order details and exchange rate will be displayed.

And that’s it! Getting the foreign currency you need has never been so easy.

Order foreign currency now


2. In-Branch:

Visit any TD Canada Trust branch to order your foreign exchange in advance for your next trip. You can pay for your currency with cash or we can debit the amount from your TD Canada Trust account.

U.S. dollars are generally available at every TD Canada Trust branch and many branches keep a supply of commonly requested currencies. If the currency you need is unavailable at the branch you visit, don’t worry, you can order it and pick it up within three to five business days.

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3. By Phone:


TD Canada Trust EasyLine allows you to order your foreign currency in advance or move money between your Canadian and U.S. Dollar accounts from the convenience of the nearest telephone. As always, you can order over 60 foreign currencies at competitive rates and pick up the cash at your local TD Canada Trust branch.

Call 1-866-222-3456.

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