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Foreign Currency Services

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Travelling with your enhanced TD Access Card?

See how you can get the most from your new enhanced TD Access Card:

Travelling with your TD Canada Trust Access Card?

We'll show you how to maximize your enjoyment and peace of mind with:


No matter where you travel, taking local currency is a hassle-free way to pay for incidentals and unexpected expenses. Your TD Canada Trust branch keeps a supply of U.S. currency. Over 60 currencies can be ordered for delivery within three to five business days.

We offer competitive exchange rates and when you come home, we'll convert any unspent bills back into Canadian cash and deposit the money directly into your TD Canada Trust account.

For maximum convenience, we can even debit or credit your TD Canada Trust account when you're buying or selling foreign currency.

You can also order the foreign currency you need online. Simply place your order, and then pick up your currency at the TD Canada Trust branch of your choice in three to five business days.

For more information on foreign exchange and currencies, contact your local branch.

Access Anywhere

Since your enhanced TD Access Card is accepted internationally wherever merchants take Visa, it's accepted in over 200 countries and at millions of places worldwide, providing you with greater access to your funds. So if you’re travelling abroad and wish to make a Debit purchase, look for the Visa symbol. With such worldwide access to your funds, your need to carry travellers cheques or foreign currency is reduced. Debit payments come out of your TD Canada Trust account(s) just like they do when shopping in Canada.

Security Protections

Your TD Access Card has security protections in place. The embedded microchip stores information in a secure, encrypted format. Plus, for your online Visa Debit purchases made with your enhanced TD Access Card, you may be asked to sign up for the Verified by Visa* program where available for added security. For Interac Online debit purchases made with your TD Canada Trust Access Card, you’re always protected by the online security guarantee.

Travellers Cheques

Travellers cheques are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide and never expire. Feel secure knowing that American Express Travellers Cheques may be refunded if lost or stolen*. By cashing travellers cheques as you go, you limit the amount of cash you carry around, and that can lead to peace of mind.

Your TD Canada Trust branch can provide American Express® Travellers Cheques in -
  • Canadian Dollars
  • U.S. Dollars and U.S. Dollars Cheques for Two
  • Sterling Pounds
  • Japanese Yen
  • Australian Dollars
To learn more about using your American Express® Travellers Cheques and to find out where you can exchange them in the places you plan to visit, go to

We offer competitive tiered exchange rates and we waive our already-low commission fee for TD Canada Trust customers with a TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite* Card, TD Platinum Travel Visa Card, TD Gold Elite* Visa Card, or TD Gold Select Visa Card.

When you get home, you can cash in any unused travellers cheques. We'll give you the equivalent amount in Canadian funds or credit your TD Canada Trust account.

For more information on foreign exchange and currencies, contact your local branch.

Debit Payment in the U.S.

Travelling to the U.S.?

Take your TD Canada Trust Access Card with you. Using your debit card to make purchases in the U.S. is a convenient and safe alternative to carrying large amounts of cash.

Use your TD Canada Trust Access Card and the same PIN you use in Canada to pay for purchases in the U.S.* The amount of the purchase is debited immediately from your account at the U.S.-Canadian exchange rate in effect that day.

NYCE logo You can use your TD Canada Trust Access Card at over one million U.S. retailers displaying the NYCE logo.

For more information on foreign exchange and currencies, contact your local branch.

ATM/PLUS Network

ATM Plus Network logo If the cash you take with you runs low, look for one of close to one million Automated Teller Machines worldwide displaying the PLUS Network symbol. Use your TD Access Card to withdraw any amount up to your daily limit, or take a cash advance using your TD Credit Card. Competitive exchange rates apply.

PLUS fees are waived for TD Canada Trust customers making withdrawals at TD Bank ATM's from Maine to Florida and Presto! ATM's* located at Publix Super Markets in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

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