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Foreign Currency Services

Sending Money Abroad

Image of couple walking outdoors TD Canada Trust is your worldwide connection to friends, family and opportunity

The convenience and comfort you enjoy at TD extends around the world. So you can travel as far as you want to visit family and friends, or send money to loved ones virtually anywhere.

Sending money overseas is now more affordable and easier than ever

To send up to $2,500 to family or friends back home, you can now go online using EasyWeb. For a low fee, you can send money in 3 easy steps using Visa Direct. Find out more.

If you need to send money or make transactions in a foreign currency, talk to us today. We'll help you determine the right combination of services for your needs. Then we'll show you how easy it is to enjoy the comfort and convenience of TD Canada Trust with -

For more information on foreign exchange and currencies, contact your local branch.

Visa Direct

A low cost, easy and secure way to send up to $2,500 from your personal TD Canada Trust Chequing or Savings Account to a family or friend’s bank account through their Visa Debit card, or to their Visa Credit card or Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card. You can send money virtually anywhere in the world, in over 150 currencies, safely and securely at any time, online through EasyWeb. Learn more about Visa Direct.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are available in 25 foreign currencies including Canadian and U.S. Dollars. As a TD Canada Trust account holder, you can send a wire payment from your TD Canada Trust personal or small business account to a foreign bank account from any TD Canada Trust branch in Canada.

All you need is -

  • The full name, address including city, province/state, and country, and account number of the person you are sending money to
  • The full name and address including city, province/state, and country of the financial institution receiving the funds
  • The amount and currency of the transfer

Transfers happen quickly and securely. Depending on the currency you are sending, some transactions may take longer than others. Visit a TD Canada Trust branch and ask for details on timing.

Bank Drafts

Bank drafts go by many names. You may hear them called money orders in Canada or cashier's cheques in the U.S. TD Canada Trust bank drafts are a secure alternative to writing cheques or having to open a foreign currency account. You must have a TD Canada Trust account in order to pay for a bank draft by cash, personal cheque or direct debit from your account.

Bank drafts can be obtained at your TD Canada Trust branch in the following currencies -

Bank drafts are a safe and convenient way to pay for things like foreign magazine subscriptions and items purchased online.

Visit your local TD Canada Trust branch and ask about additional currencies and fees.

Certified Cheques

Certified cheques are often required for a variety of transactions within Canada and abroad. Fortunately, your TD Canada Trust branch makes it fast and easy to obtain a certified cheque when the funds are available in your account.

TD Canada Trust customers can obtain a Canadian or U.S. Dollar certified cheque in minutes at any TD Canada Trust branch for a low, competitive fee.

For more information contact your local branch.

Online Transfers-EasyWeb/WebBroker

If you need to move money between your Canadian and U.S. Dollar accounts at TD Canada Trust, our Foreign Exchange Transfer Service is for you. Just log in to EasyWeb Internet banking or WebBroker and enjoy the convenience of being able to move your money instantly from one account to the other. And for those times when you are on the go, transfers can also be made securely using the TD app.

Transfer from your… To your…
  • Canadian and U.S. personal and business accounts
  • Canadian and U.S. TD Direct investing accounts
  • Lines of credit
  • Canadian and U.S. personal and business accounts
  • Canadian and U.S. TD Direct investing accounts
  • Lines of credit
  • Daily interest RSP account

Transfer your money when it's convenient for you. EasyWeb and WebBroker are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Save time. Online currency transfers are fast and they post to your accounts in real time, so you can access the money immediately.

Secure up-to-the-minute rates. Online transactions give you real time exchange rates.

Not yet registered for EasyWeb?

Register online today – it only takes a few minutes. Or you can call 1-866-222-3456 or visit your local TD Canada Trust branch. Once you have your Access Card and EasyWeb password, you can start using our Foreign Exchange Transfer Service immediately.

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