TD Home Equity FlexLine

A TD Home Equity FlexLine gives you access to ongoing credit, up to your available limit, and provides a number of flexible options:

  • Apply only once – you can access your available credit within your credit limit anytime without having to re-apply¹.
  • Pay at your own pace – make monthly interest only payments or pay as much as you want².
  • Benefit from access to revolving credit – as your outstanding balance decreases, your available credit increases.
  • Reduce your debt with a Term Portion – Pay off all or a portion of your outstanding balance by establishing regular payments through a Term Portion. Choose between a fixed or variable interest rate, and open or closed-to-prepayment term, depending on the rate you have chosen.

Your TD Home Equity FlexLine provides great flexibility in how it can be used, such as:

  • Purchasing a home when you have a 20% down payment
  • Major household renovations
  • Purchasing a second property
  • Consolidating higher-interest debt
  • Financing the purchase of a vehicle
  • Education costs
  • Travelling
  • Other large purchases
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¹ Subject to the terms of your TD Home Equity FlexLine Agreement.
² Available on the Revolving Portion only.