Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection helps you manage the unexpected. It covers the occasional shortfall in your chequing account by guaranteeing funds up to your approved overdraft limit*. This way, you can avoid Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) penalties and the inconvenience of having a debit transaction refused.

Choose the right option for you:

Monthly Fee

Do you often write cheques or use your account for several transactions every month?

If so, the Monthly Fee option is a good choice for you. For only $4 a month (plus interest on overdrawn amounts), you’ll be protected from incurring the cost of a returned (NSF) cheque and spared the inconvenience of a declined transaction.

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Pay As You Go

Do you only conduct a few transactions per month or need just occasional protection?

With this option, you pay only when you need help managing an unexpected situation. If your account goes into overdraft, you’ll pay a flat fee of only $5 (plus any interest on overdrawn amounts) – it’s the perfect backup!

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* Subject to the terms of your Overdraft Protection Agreement.